Caution! Do you know the person controlling your computer?

Remote assistance is a relatively simple process and is completely safe, as long as you know and trust the company doing it. DO NOT allow anyone on your computer who you do not know. If someone calls you and says you have a problem, hang up and do NOT let them on your computer. If you get a message on your computer to call for help do NOT call or allow anyone on your computer. It is not legitimate. We also recommend against services where you pay a monthly or yearly fee and they will come on to your computer to fix problems on a regular basis. A major problem is that they have remote viewing and/or control of your computer at any time, including while you are using the computer. You will also find that such services are not a good value when you see what they actually offer.

Didsbury Computers Remote Assistance

We are able to offer remote assistance for particular issues, normally after we find that phone assistance is not adequate.

 Process (just so you know what's going to happen):

  1. Click on the red button to the right.
  2. Once there it will ask for your name and a support key. Ask our technician for the support key to enter and click "Continue"
  3. You will need to run the file, confirming that you do, in fact, want to run it.
  4. You will be asked to confirm that we can take control of your computer.
  5. Once I have control, I do ask that you leave the mouse and keyboard to our control; it makes it much easier than wrestling for control.
  6. At any time, if you are uncomfortable with what is happening, simply click to close the connection.
  7. I may or may not want you to stay on the phone while I'm working on your computer, depending on whether I need input and how long it might take. Either way, you can choose to stay and watch what I'm doing or go do something else. If it seems that I'm not doing anything, I may be looking up some information on my own computer, so just wait; I will contact you when I'm done.

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